Technology Introduction

Amino acids serve as the building blocks of life, which are directly or indirectly linked to all human diseases and health conditions. Within the body, amino acid metabolism maintains a dynamic equilibrium, with blood amino acids acting as the central pivot and the liver playing a pivotal role in regulating their levels. The development and progression of various ailments, spanning cardiovascular, renal, diabetic, oncologic, geriatric, and neurologic disorders, can result in disturbances to amino acid metabolism and serum amino acid concentrations. Meanwhile, there are over 400 recognized diseases stem from compromised amino acid metabolism. Amino acid testing has evolved into an indispensable diagnostic and disease screening tool, concurrently serving as a reference standard for nutritional supplementation, overall nutritional well-being enhancement, and early disease prevention in all populations. At Metware Bio, we've established an LC-MS/MS-based platform designed for the comprehensive analysis of 94 amino acids and their metabolites, allowing precise targeting and quantification.