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Plant Metabolomics and Phytohormones with 20% off

Summer is a great time to appreciate and care for plants! We care about them too, that is why we are offering plant researchers a special price for the most comprehensive plant assays: Widely-Targeted Metabolomics for Plants and quantitative Plant Hormone Assay. From July 15 to August 30 enjoy a 20% discount on these services performed in our Boston location.


Widely-targeted metabolomics is our proprietary approach, and it is a combination of an untargeted assay (with QTOF and DDA) followed by an additional run with QQQ and MRM for better annotation and accurate relative quantification of metabolites. Usually, we are able to characterize over 1,500 metabolites in plant samples, providing an accurate relative quantification for identified metabolites. Our in-house database contents over 30,000 primary and secondary plant metabolites.

Plant Hormone Assay covers a panel of 108 compounds (with the sensitivity reaching ng/ml level), including ABA, Auxin, CK, Ethylene, GA, JA, SA, and SL. It allows a deep dive into the world of plant hormones and uncovers the secrets of their influence on plant development. We have a rich project experience with over 2,000 projects and covering 500+ species.

Typically, the Widely-Targeted Metabolomics is used to scan the metabolites in the sample as a whole, discover new metabolites, observe the metabolite species and distribution. Then, the results can be validated with the phytohormone targeted assay. However, these two tests can also be used separately.

Whether you're studying plant development, stress response and environmental adaptation, or nutrients and agronomic traits in crops, our assays have got you covered. Discover metabolic changes in different stages of plant growth, unravel the mysteries of plant response to abiotic and biological stress, and examine the metabolites associated with crop phenotypes.


Please note the following details of this promotional offer:

A minimum of six (6) samples per work order are required. Work orders or quotes must be signed within the promotional period to be eligible for this offer. Only sample types acceptable for Widely-Targeted Metabolomics for plants or plant Hormone Assay are eligible. See sample requirements for details. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, or discounts. The promotional period starts on July 15, 2023, and ends on August 30, 2023. Samples must be submitted within 6 months from signing the quote. Other conditions apply. Metware Biotechnology, the metabolomics company, reserves the right for final interpretation. Contact us for further details.


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