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Gibberellin Assay

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gibberellin metabolomics service

Gibberellins (GA) is a plant hormone involved chiefly in shoot extension. As a plant growth regulator, GA have been widely used in agricultural production and played an important role in promoting seed germination, stalk elongation, fruit development, and improving plant stress tolerance. Our Gibberellin Assay offers late 2023.

Technology Introduction

GA can promote plant cell elongation, stem elongation, leaf expansion, accelerated growth and development, early crop maturation, and increase yield or improve quality; it can break dormancy and promote germination; reduce organ abscission, improve fruit set or form seedless fruits, etc. Metware Biotechnology has established a method for the analysis of gibberellins based on LC-MS/MS platform with the isotopic internal standard for absolute quantification of 16 GAs for basic life science research.

Gibberellin Targeted Metabolomics

Technical Features of Gibberellin Assay

Quantitative Accuracy
  • 11 types of internal standards are used to monitor the whole extraction and detection process.

  • The RSD of 80% of substances less than 20% in three technical replicates, and 100% of them RSD are less than 30%.

  • The derivatization process improves the separation and sensitivity of different kinds of erythromycin detection.

  • The gibberellin detection line reaches 1.05pg/mL and the lower limit of quantification reaches 3.50pg/mL.

Full Range

18 kinds of erythromycin assays, covering the main substances on the pathway.

Gibberellin Targeted Assay Provider

High Recognition

The method has been published by customers in more than 100 articles in Nat Commun, Plant Cell, PNAs, Plant Journal, Plant Physiology, Molecular Plant, Scientific Reports, Nature plant, and other journals.

Gibberellin Metabolomics

Applications of Gibberellin Assay Service

  1. Promoting stem elongation;

  2. Regulating the process of seed germination;

  3. Promoting the development of floral organs;

  4. Regulating the development of meristem;

  5. Regulation of abiotic and biotic stresses;

  6. Interacting with other hormones Actions.

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Project Workflow of Gibberellin Assay Service

Project Workflow of Gibberellin Assay Service

Examples of Gibberellin Functions

SubdivisionCompoundGenes or cell proteinsFunctionSpeciesReferences
Trichome formationGibberellinA9SlbHLH95/Sl
Positive regulation of the formation of trichomeTomatoOverexpression of bHLH95, a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor family member, impacts trichome formation via regulating gibberellin
biosynthesis in tomato
Promotion of plant floweringArabidopsis thalianaNew insights into gibberellin signaling in regulating flowering in Arabidopsis
Tiller and plant heightGibberellinMOC1/SLR1/
Resulting in stem elongation and reduced number of tillersRiceSLR1 inhibits MOC1 degradation to coordinate tiller number and plant height in rice
Endosperm developmentGibberellin acidGA20ox/
Promotion of seed elongationRicePhytohormone dynamics in developing endosperm influence rice grain shape and quality
Seed germinationGibberellinA4mGA3ox1/Gm
Shade environment is regulating GA synthesisSoybeanShading in mother plant during seed development promotes subsequent seed germination in soybean
Gibberellin acidREVEILLE1/
Dormancy control and germination promotionArabidopsis thalianaInterplay between REVEILLE1 and RGA-LIKE2 regulates seed dormancy and germination in Arabidopsis
Gibberellin acidGASA4、
Antagonizing the inhibitory effect of melatonin on seed germinationArabidopsis thalianaMelatonin inhibits seed germination by crosstalk with abscisic acid, gibberellin, and auxin in Arabidopsis
Blue LightGibberellinA3CRYs/DELLA
Promoting photomorphic construction of plantsArabidopsis thalianaBlue light-dependent interactions of CRY1 with GID1and DELLA proteins regulate gibberellin signaling and photomorphogenesis in Arabidopsis
Promoting internode elongationRiceAntagonistic regulation of the gibberellic acid response during stem growth in rice
Glycosylation(leaf regeneration)GibberellinA3PtoWRKY 42
Not significantly correlated with shoot regenerationMao BaiyangIntegration of genome wide association studies and co-expression networks reveal roles of PtoWRKY 42-PtoUGT76C1-1 in trans-zeatin metabolism and cytokinin sensitivity in poplar

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