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Metabolomics for Plants – March Promo

A great deal for our clients working with plant samples! 

For one month only, we are offering more than 20% discount for our Widely-Targeted Metabolomics for Plants. Any eligible plant sample (plant fluids – oil, honey, juice, plant extracts, etc.; plant tissues – stem, leaf, root, flower, etc.; or other plans samples type) will only be $250 per sample (>20% discount from our regular price). See below for details.

MetwareBio's proprietary Widely-Targeted Metabolomics is the combination of high-throughput untargeted metabolite profiling followed by the accurate (relative) quantification of the identified metabolites. Our newly updated plant metabolite database has over 30,000 primary and secondary plant metabolites. 

This assay applies to: 

  • Research in Plant Development (applicable for identifying metabolic changes in different stages of plant growth, such as seed germination, stem elongation, flower development, pollination, fruit development)

  • Research in stress response and environmental adaptation (applicable for research in plant response to abiotic stress (like light, water, temperature, heavy metals and other external factors), or biological stress – influence of insects, bacteria, viruses, etc.)

  • Research in nutrients and agronomic traits in crops (applicable for examining metabolites associated with crops phenotypes, such as yield, grain width, grain color, nutrient composition, plant height, lodging resistant, fruit size, fruit color, taste, etc.)

Promotion is applicable to Widely-Targeted Metabolomics for Plants full service at USA-based location customers only. Minimum twelve (12) samples per work order is required. Work orders or quotes must be signed within the promotional period to be eligible for this offer. Only sample types acceptable for Widely-Targeted Metabolomics for Plants are eligible. See sample requirements for details. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, promotions, or discounts. Promotional period starts March 1, 2023 and ends March 31, 2023. Other conditions apply. Metware Biotechnology, the metabolomics company, reserves the right for final interpretation. Contact us for further details.

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The flying spider-monkey tree fern genome provides insights into fern evolution   and arborescence

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A multiomic study uncovers a bZIP23-PER1A–mediated detoxification pathway to enhance seed vigor in rice



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CALCIUM-DEPENDENT PROTEIN KINASE38 regulates flowering time and common cutworm resistance in soybean



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Widely targeted metabolomics analysis reveals the effect of fermentation on the chemical composition of bee pollen

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Identification of key genes contributing to amino acid biosynthesis in Torreya grandis using transcriptome and metabolome analysis

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Food Chemistry

Comparison analysis of widely-targeted metabolomics revealed the variation of potential astringent ingredients and their dynamic accumulation in the seed coats of both Carya cathayensis and Carya illinoinensis



Horticulture Research

Overexpression of VqWRKY31 enhances powdery mildew resistance in grapevine by promoting salicylic acid signaling and specific metabolite synthesis



Horticulture Research

Metabolomic and transcriptomic analyses reveal new insights into the role of abscisic acid in modulating mango fruit ripening



International Journal of Molecular Science

Metabolic Profiles Reveal Changes in the Leaves and Roots of Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) Seedlings under Nitrogen Deficiency