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National High-tech Enterprises

Getting the National High-tech Enterprise honor is proof of enterprise-strength, it marks enterprises have technology innovation ability, research ability, and development ability, this honor has important functions in market development. The products of these enterprises will be a priority in the government procurement system.

The Gazelle Corporations

Getting the Gazelle Corporations honor means the corporations are high-growth medium-sized enterprise,supported by technological innovation or business model innovation. These corporations not only can easily exceed the annual growth rate of double, ten, hundred, thousand times or more, they can also quickly achieve IPO.

Hubei Province Enterprise Technology Center

Organized by Hubei Province Development and Reform Commission,it means the identified enterprises not only can get official attention and recognition,they can also undertake provincial scientific research projects, developing industry standards, leading industrial technology research and development as the industry backbone.they are more competitive in market. They can be prior to be recommended to declare national enterprise technology center.

Hubei Province Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategic Team

It means the team of the enterprise carries out in-depth cooperation between industry, academia and research, makes breakthroughs in key core technologies, and the research results has conditions for industrialization and promotion and application, which can significantly enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, effectively promote the optimization and upgrading of the enterprise industry, and bring significant economic benefits.

Hubei Province Pillar Industry Subdivision Field Invisible Champion

This means that the enterprise can meet the following criteria:

  • Focus on effective target markets

  • Leading production and technology in China, excellent product quality, relevant key technology can be the leading one in similar products in China.

  • Excellent business performance, profit margin exceeds the overall level of the same industry in the same period

  • Have a sound brand cultivation management system

  • Have a sound financial intellectual property and quality assurance management system


Specialized Small Giant Enterprises

Specialized small giant enterprises are the best of the specialized and super new enterprises. They focus on market segments, has strong innovation ability, high market share, and master key core technologies, and excellent quality and efficiency.

Small Giants of Science and Technology: In addition to meeting the general application requirements for invisible champions, enterprises must be above the scale of high-tech enterprises and have a reasonable scale of production of special equipment or product key components and materials to fill the domestic gap. Technology enterprises and have a certain reasonable scale of production of special equipment or product key parts and materials to fill the domestic gap. In addition to the general conditions for invisible champions, the enterprise must be a high-tech enterprise above a certain scale and have a certain reasonable scale of production of special equipment or product key parts and materials to fill the domestic gap, with strong market competitiveness and development prospects. The market share of a single product ranks among the top three in the country or the top two in the province.

Hubei Province High-Value Patent Competition

It means the patent project is the core key technology or solves the "neck" technology in the industry and achieves significant economic benefits.

Supporting Corporations of "3551 Optics Valley Talents Plan"

It means the company has the following five types of talents:

  • First, top scientists.

It means the Nobel Prize, Turing Award and other internationally renowned science and technology award winners, the highest national science and technology award winners, members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Academy of Engineering and academicians of developed countries (regions) and the corresponding level of talent.

  • Second, the leading talents.

Referring to national experts, international and domestic industry leaders, the world's top 500, China's top 500, China's top 500 private enterprises and other well-known enterprises, core management and technical leaders, academic leaders of domestic and foreign universities and research institutions and the corresponding level of talent.

  • Third, high-level talents.

They are divided into entrepreneurial talents, innovative talents and high-end management talents. Generally refers to professional and technical talents and management talents who have held senior positions in world-renowned enterprises, experts and scholars who hold positions of associate professor or above or equivalent positions in universities and scientific research institutions at home and abroad, and talents of corresponding levels.

  • Fourth, high-end service talents.

Divided into science and technology service talents and famous teachers and famous principals, famous doctors and famous deans. Generally refers to science and technology service talents with many years of work experience or corresponding qualifications, talents in the field of education with rich teaching, teaching and research or management experience, and influential talents in the medical field.

  • Fifth, outstanding young talents.

Refers to professional and technical talents and business management talents not older than 35 years old, with emphasis on supporting doctoral graduates from renowned universities and overseas students who contribute to the promotion of regional industrial innovation and development.

Optics Valley High-Tech High Growth Top 20

It means that the cooperation has extraordinary industry insight and a dream to change the world, as well as the ability of disruptive innovation and the amazing growth rate.



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