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Metabolomics by LC-MS is one of the most widely used approaches to detect and quantify metabolites. Metware's unique process uses high-resolution TOF mass specs to identify compounds and utlilizes QqQ mass spec to further quantify compounds in each sample. 

Why Metabolomics

Metabolomics uses chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify and quantify the metabolites (small molecule chemicals < 1200 Da) from a sample. Comparison between samples can identify metabolites that has significantly changed under different conditions or treatments. While genes tells us what might happen, metabolites tells us what is happening or has happened. With the advancement of high-throughput instrumentation, metabolomics is gaining wider applications to basic science and molecular biology, disease research, drug discovery, and biomarker development. 

Platform and Technology

- Sciex QTRAP 6500

- Sciex QTRAP 4500

- Sciex TripleTOF 6600

- Agilent 7890B/7000D GC-MS

- Agilent 8890/5977B GC-MS

- Agilent 6545 QTOF LC-MS

- Xevo TQ-S


- Trace 1300/ISQ 7000 GC-MS

- timsTOF fleX

- timsTOF Pro

Quality Control System

- ISO 9001:2015

- ISO 14001:2015

- ISO 45001:2018

Service Process

1. Project Design

Consult with our expert team to plan which technology would be the most appropriate for your needs. As an experienced metabolomics company, Metware has extensive experience working with animal, bacterial, plant, and clinical samples and can provide recommendations for sample collection & preparation, sample storage & shipping, and data analyses consideration. Email us or use the Contact Us form to reach out to us.

2. Quoting and order placement

Once you are ready to work with us, we will draft a quote according to the discussed requirements and deliverables. A signed quote and a purchase order is required to initiate the project. 

3. Sample submission

Prepare the samples according to our preparation recommendations. Fill out the "Sample Information Form" and email the completed form to us for confirmation prior to sample shipment. Include a paper copy of the Sample Information form along with the samples. 

4. Project follow up

Your project will be assigned to a project manager and will provide you with updates throughout the process. You may also communicate any issues or questions with your project manager. Your project manager will also provide the deliverables once the project has been completed. 

5. Post-project services

If you have any questions about the project data or analyses, or if you want to continue with additional analyses, Metware is happy to discuss how we may support you.