Metware Lipidomics Services

Metware Lipidomics Services

Lipids is a large class of metabolites in plants and animals (accounting for 70% of metabolites in plasma). It is an essential component in numerous biological functions including membrane structure, energy generation, signalling, gene regulation, and many other developmental processes. Metabolomics Lipidomics is a type of metabolomics that focuses on detecting and quantifying lipids. As a leading lipidomics company, Metware offers lipidomics services that are applicable for animal samples and plant samples.

Lipidomics Service General Knowledge

Mass-spectrometry based lipidomics is one of the main techniques to study different species of lipids and lipidomics is a very active branch of omics research. Global lipid profiling as well as targeted metabolomics lipidomics can be achieved using LC-MS followed by lipid annotation with specialized lipidomics database. At Metware, a reliable metabolomics service providers, we have developed a specialized lipid spectra database that includes those in public lipidomics database as well as over 4000 in-house lipidomics data using chemical standards and AI prediction.

Lipidomics Analysis Services Equipment

Metware Biotechnology offers detection and quantification of up to 4000 lipid compounds in our Quantitative Lipidomics analysis services. This process uses external standards and MRM scanning mode to provide accurate identification and absolute quantification of the lipids in the sample. Our clients have published their results in Gastroenterology, Nature Communications, and Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental. Our panel of 3000 lipids spans 6 major classes of lipids and is sensitive enough to distinguish different carbon-chain lengths and saturation.

Lipidomics Service Benefits

Comprehensive Coverage

Simultaneous detection of over 40 types of lipids.

High Sensitivity

Using ultra-sensitive AB Sciex 6500+ instrument to detect lipids at pg level.

Accurate Annotation And Quantification

Annotation using RT + Q1/Q3 data of multiple ions and mapping to a curated lipids database.

Stringent QC

9 major QC points



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