Untargeted Metabolomics

The LC-MS untargeted metabolomics is used for unbiased detection of metabolites in samples by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry and to obtain their qualitative and quantitative information. Untargeted metabolomics analysis, also known as nontargeted metabolomics analysis, entails comparing the metabolomes of control and test groups to pinpoint distinctions in their metabolite profiles that could be pertinent to specific biological conditions.

Technology Introduction

The main application of lc ms metabolomics analysis is for comparing the case group with the control group to find the metabolites and metabolic pathways that show significant differences between groups, which can provide clues and directions for the untargeted metabolomics research in biomarker development, disease pathogenesis, and drug treatment mechanisms.

Technical Features of Untargeted Metabolomics Service

Large Curated Database
Access to an extensive catalog of over 280,000 metabolites, complemented by a repository of 30,000+ purified chemical standards spanning diverse metabolite classes. This rich collection forms the cornerstone for precise metabolite identification and analysis.
Comprehensive Identification Strategy
  • 1) In-house standard database;
  • 2) Integrated public database;
  • 3) AI database;
  • 4) metDNA algorithm.
Rigorous Quality Control
10 QC indicators for monitoring all aspects of experimentation from sample preparation to data collection.


Applications of Untargeted Metabolomics Service

  • Clinical marker discovery and development
  • Understanding mechanisms behind disease progression
  • Studying drug efficacy and toxicity
  • Environmental toxicology research
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Demo Final Report Of Untargeted Metabolomics

Why Untargeted Metabolomics Service Is Used?

Genes will tell you what may happen, metabolites tell you what is happening or has happened (Bill Lasley) Metabolomics is the qualitative and quantitative assessment of metabolites (small chemical molecules<1.5 kda). The metabolites are the downstream product of protein activity as well as the result of interactions with environmental exposures, and thus they are closely related to the phenotype. Over the last decade, metabolomics is coming to the forefront as a powerful tool for understanding disease mechanisms. and identifying biomarkers, and has great potential for clinical translation.
List of Metabolites

Project Workflow of Untargeted Metabolomics Service

Analysis Content Display of Untargeted Metabolomics Service

Our complete untargeted metabolomics data analysis service includes various data analyses to jump start your research. Below are a few components that you may find in our data analysis report.

Sample Requirements of Untargeted Metabolomics Service

Sample Type Sample Recommended sample size Minimum sample size Biological replication
Liquid Plasma, serum, hemolymph, milk, egg white 100μL 20μL human>30
Cerebrospinal fluid, tear fluid, interstitial fluid, uterine fluid, pancreatic, fluid and bile, pleural effusion, follicular fluid, corpse fluid 100μL 20μL human>30
seminal plasma, amniotic fluid, prostate fluid, rumen fluid, respiratory, condensate, gastric lavage fluid, alveolar lavage fluid, urine, sweat, saliva, sputum 500μL 100μL human>30
Tissue Animal tissue, placenta, thrombus, fish skin, mycelium, nematode 100mg 20mg human>30
whole body, aircraft (wings). pupae 500mg 20mg human>30
Zebrafish organs, insect organs 20 10 animal>6
Cell Cultured cells 2*10^6 1*10^6 human>30
Escherichia coli and other microorganisms 1*10^10 5*10^8 animal>6
Feces Feces, ilntestinal contents 200 mg (wet weight) 50 mg (wet weight) human>30


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