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TM Widely-targeted metabolomics is the 'Untargeted metabolomics + Targeted Metabolomics' process that achieves the perfect combination of high resolution, wide-coverage, high sensitivity, and precise quantification. It is a great starting point to examine the global metabolite profile. Metware's curated database of 280,000 metabolites, which includes 3000 metabolites not found in public databases, allows more annotations from high-resolution mass spec data. 

Technology Introduction

"TM" Widely-Targeted Metabolomics combines Untargeted metabolomics and Targeted metabolomics to achieve the perfect combination of high-resolution, wide-coverage, high-sensitivity, and precise quantification. Metware's patented Widely-Targeted Metabolomics technology stands out from many others with features such as:

  • Using high-resolution mass spectrometers to allow the unbiased collection of MS/MS spectrum data;

  • Highly curated metabolomics database with over 3000+ in-house metabolite database providing more metabolite annotation;

  • Using MRM analysis from QQQ to accurately quantify metabolites in each sample.

Technology Introduction

TM Widely-Targeted Matabolomics Service Technical Features

Large Curated Database

Collected ultra-high resolution data of over 280,000 metabolites. Each sample can typically identify over 1400 metabolites.

Rigorous Quality Control

A mature quality control system monitoring all aspects of experimentation from sample preparetion to data analysis.


Stable and tested sample preparation protocol stemming from processing over a million samples a year.

Accurate Identification

Combining AB SCIEX QTOF 6600+ ultra-high resolution mass spectrum with our large curated database to achieve accurate metabolite identification.

Accurate Quantification

Using MRM mode from AB SCIEX Triple Quad 6500+ to achieve accurate relative quantification of metabolites.

Applications of TM Widely-Targeted Matabolomics Service

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List of Metabolites

List of Metabolites

The in-house standard database contains 3000 metabolites as shown below:

CategoryQuantityRepresentative substance
Amino acids and their metabolites600+Glycine, L-threonine, L-arginine, N-acetyl-L-alanine
Organic acids and their derivatives400+3-hydroxybutyric acid, adipic acid, hippuric acid, kynurenine
Nucleotides and their metabolites200+Adenine, 5'-Adenine Nucleotide, Guanine, 2'-Deoxycytidine
Carbohydrates and their metabolites100+D-glucose, glucosamine, D-fructose 6-phosphate
Lipid500+O-acetylcarnitine, γ-linolenic acid, lysophosphatidylcholine 22:4
Benzene and its derivatives500+Benzoic acid, 3,4-dimethoxyphenylacetic acid, 4-hydroxybenzoic acid
Coenzymes and vitamins60+Folic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin D3
Alcohols, amines150+Dopamine, histamine, DL-1-amino-2-propanol
Aldehydes, ketones, esters120+Furfural, ethyl butyrate, α-pentyl cinnamaldehyde
Heterocyclic compound200+Pyridoxal, biopterin, indole-3-acetic acid
bile acid40+Glycocholic acid, deoxycholic acid, taurolithocholic acid
Hormones and hormone-related substances100+Juvenile hormone 3, epinephrine, 3,3'-diiodo-L-thyroxine
Tryptamine, choline, pigment15+Serotonin, bilirubin (E-E), urobilin

Project Workflow of TM Widely-Targeted Matabolomics Service

Project Workflow

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Analysis Content Display of TM Widely-Targeted Metabolomics Service

Our complete service includes various data analyses to jump start your research. Below are a few components that you may find in our data analysis report.
Analysis Content Display of TM Widely-Targeted Metabolomics Service

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