Metabolomics Services: Client Focused, Unparalleled Quality

Metabolomics Services: Client Focused, Unparalleled Quality

As a professional metabolomics service providers, Metware understands every project is unique and data quality is of utmost importance. We provide different types of metabolomics services. We have designed workflows that scales from small projects of a few samples to large population-size projects, from unbiased global profiling to absolute quantification of targeted metabolites. Our optimized workflows and ever growing database of metabolite spectra data has completed over 4000 projects, and we are ready to design a workflow suitable for you with appropriate metabolomics price. From sample extraction to data analysis, we will work with you to acheieve your research goals.

Metabolomics Services That Fits Your Needs

Global Metabolite Profiling
Unbiased global profiling of all metabolite signals in the sample followed by alignments to MetwareDB.
Targeted Metabolomics
Absolute quantificadtion of selected metabolites or metabolites from specialized pathways using standard curves.
Absolute quantification of lipids for plants and animal samples.

Metware Metabolomics Service Process: From Samples to Report

Send the Sample to the Lab
Sample Extraction
Data Acquisition
Annotation and Statistical analyses
Resolution of Metabolic Pathways

What is Metabolomics Use For?

Metabolomics is used for detecting and quantifying small molecule chemicals from biological and environmental samples. It relies on chemical standards or spectra databases to annotate mass spec data to known compounds. Quantification and subsequent data analysis identify key metabolic pathways being perturbed and thereby providing a clue on the key biological process for the observation.

Metabolomics Analysis Services FAQs

Is global metabollite profiling and untargeted metabolomics the same thing?
Yes. The terms are often used interchangably to mean using high-resolution mass spec to unbiasly detect compounds from the sample
What are the common substance testing platforms and which one is suitable for me?

NMR: Nuclear magnetic resonance has the advantage of detecting non-damaged samples without complicated sample pre-processing, and thus, the sample is as close to their physiological condition as possible. However, it suffers from lower sensitivity, especially a low abundance of metabolites.


LC-MS: The combined technology of liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry has a relatively high resolution, and high sensitivity, and allows the detection of a wide range of metabolites. This is typically used to detect non-volatile polar compounds that are less than 1000 Da.


GC-MS: Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are mainly used for identifying volatile substances or metabolites with low polarity. Typically detects molecules with lower molecular weight (< 300Da). 

What's the difference between global metabolite profiling and Widely-Targeted Metabolomics?
Widely-Targeted Metabolomics developed by Metware Biotechnology, which is an experienced metabolome company, that first uses high-resolution mass spec to identify the compounds. The identified compounds are quantified from the sample using QQQ mass spec. Global metabolite profiling only uses high-resolution mass spec for identification and quantification.
What does TM mean?
TM means "TOF to MRM". It is our way to emphasize our Widely-Targeted Metabolomics process


Please submit a detailed description of your project. We will provide you with a customized project plan metabolomics services to meet your research requests. You can also send emails directly to support-global@metwarebio.com for inquiries.
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