Short-Chain Fatty Acids

  • Absolute quantification of 11 SCFAs
  • High sensitivity

Technology Introduction

Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), also referred to as volatile fatty acids, are organic fatty acids characterized by carbon chains that vary in length from 1 to 6 carbon atoms. They primarily encompass acetic acid, propionic acid, isobutyric acid, butyric acid, isovaleric acid, valeric acid, and hexanoic acid, among others.

Approximately 90% of SCFAs originate in the colon through the fermentation of indigestible carbohydrates by bacteria, while the remainder is produced through dietary intake and protein metabolism. In a healthy human gut, SCFAs are generated at a daily rate of around 50-100 mmol. With our own short chain fatty acid database, MetwareBio offers absolute quantification of 11 molecules in a single run.


Providing energy
provide energy for intestinal mucosal epithelial cells, muscles, kidneys, heart, and brain.
Protecting the intestinal mucosal barrier
SCFAs can strengthen the intestinal mechanical barrier by increasing mucus secretion, nourishing intestinal epithelial cells, and enhancing tight junction proteins.
Regulating the immune system
They participate in immune regulation within the gut by affecting the release of inflammatory factors, immune chemotaxis responses, and the inhibition of immune effector cell proliferation.
Inhibiting tumor growth
They inhibit the growth and proliferation of colorectal tumor cells, induce tumor cell differentiation, and promote apoptosis.

Application Direction

Research on diseases
Research on mechanisms related to the gut microbiota

Mechanisms of SCFAs in metabolic regulation and the brain-gut axis.

Food and nutrition

Research on poultry feed breeding and the development of nutritional products.

Medicines and supplements

Targeting drugs related to gastrointestinal inflammation and the development of dietary supplements.

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List of short-chain fatty acids
NO compounds NO compounds
1 2-methylbutyrate 7 Isohexanoate
2 Acetate 8 Isovalerate
3 Butyrate 9 Octanoate
4 Crotonate 10 Propionate
5 Hexanoate 11 Valerate
6 Isobutyrate
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