MetwareBio Amino Acid Metabolomics : Precision, Coverage, and Stability

Mastering Metabolomics - The Amino Acid Advantage

Overview_of_amino_acid_metabolismAmino acids, the fundamental building blocks of life, are intricately linked to numerous human diseases and health conditions. Metwarebio provides a top-tier amino acid targeted metabolomics service boasting extensive coverage of 94 amino acids and their derivatives. With meticulous identification (validated through Q1+Q3+RT multiple validation) and precise quantitation (using MRM quantitative method), our service offers comprehensive and accurate data analyses tailored for amino acid studies, propelling your research forward.


Comprehensive Coverage - Mapping the Amino Acid Universe

Our database encompasses the 20 amino acids constituting human proteins, categorized into essential, conditionally essential, and non-essential types. Essential amino acids, vital for the body but not synthesized internally, must be sourced from plants. Conditionally essential amino acids are synthesized but insufficient for normal needs, while non-essential amino acids are internally synthesized without dietary necessity. Nature boasts over 300 amino acids and derivatives. At MetwareBio, our LC-MS/MS-based platform analyzes 94 amino acids and their derivatives (click here to see the full list), with a focus on 8 essential amino acids, ensuring precise targeting and quantification.


Optimal Quantitative Model - Navigating Amino Acid Quantification

For the optimal quantitative model, metabolites underwent quantification through multiple reaction monitoring (MRM) utilizing triple quadrupole mass spectrometry. In this mode, the first quadrupole screened precursor ions specific to the target substance, filtering out ions of different molecular weights. Following ionization in the impact chamber, precursor ions underwent fragmentation, and via the third quadrupole, a distinctive fragment ion was selected to eliminate non-target ion interference. Subsequently, after acquiring metabolite spectrum data from various samples, peak areas were computed from mass spectrum peaks of all substances and analyzed using standard curves.


Stability Redefined - Confidence in Amino Acid Analysis



The Coefficient of Variation (CV) signifies the ratio between the standard deviation and mean of original data, indicating data dispersion. Using the Empirical Cumulative Distribution Function (ECDF), one can gauge the frequency of substances with a CV smaller than the reference value. Higher proportions of low CV substances in QC samples signify greater experimental data stability. From our random selection of 20 experiments, the detected metabolites exhibited a coefficient of variation (CV) below 8% in mixed QC samples. This underscores the notably stable detection observed in amino acid analysis.



Project Insights - Amino Acids Across Samples

Amino_acids_distribution_in_different_samplesUtilizing our amino acid detection method enables reliable detection and absolute quantification of amino acids and their derivatives across diverse sample types. Based on our previous project insights, an average of 74 amino acids can be consistently detected overall. Specifically, animal tissue samples showcase detection averages of 76 amino acids, while plant tissue samples exhibit averages of 75 amino acids. Blood samples demonstrate an average detection of 73 amino acids, while fecal samples display the highest detection rate, averaging 85 amino acids. Conversely, cell samples exhibit the fewest substances detected, averaging at 62.


Elevate Your Research - Amino Acid Targeted Metabolomics

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