Precise Quantitation for MetwareBio metabolomics

Metabolomics has emerged as a pivotal tool for unraveling intricate biochemical processes within living organisms. Delivering exceptional metabolomics services, MetwareBio focuses on precise quantification and rigorous quality control. We delve into key pillars that underscore MetwareBio's excellence for precise quantitation: the utilization of Precise Quantification through MRM mode from AB SCIEX Triple Quad 6500+ and the implementation of Rigorous Quality Control across all stages, from sample preparation to data analysis. Our technology empowers the accurate quantification of a diverse array of metabolites, ensuring precision and reliability in the analysis of biological samples.


The quality of metabolomics data directly hinges on the meticulous control of all experimental facets. From sample preparation to data analysis, each step undergoes vigilant monitoring to guarantee the reliability and reproducibility of results. Throughout every batch of the sample testing process, strategic placement of standard quality control, blanks, and quality control samples ensures the stability of the instrument. The sample testing process rigorously upholds stability in instrument performance, pre-treatment procedures, and project result outcomes. To meet quality control standards, each sample batch includes interspersed blanks, plasma quality control samples, and other meticulous quality control measures.




  • Blank Quality Control: Before sample detection, ensuring a smooth instrument baseline with no peaks or interference with extraction reagents involves inserting 1 blank solvent for every 10 samples.

  • Plasma QC: Continuous daily testing of NIST 1950 plasma on each instrument includes inserting one shot of NIST 1950 plasma for every 30 samples. Quality control criteria include a metabolite detection rate <5%, peak area of substances within 2 times of the average value, and RT deviation <0.2min.

  • Internal Standard Quality Control: All samples will be mixed with an equal amount of internal standards to monitor pre-treatment and process stability. MetwareBio requires the CV of internal standards to be less than 15%.

  • Mixed Standard Quality Control: Mixing standard into a mixed sample every 10 samples involves interspersed detection of three mixed samples. The mixed standard's calculated concentration CV for the components should not exceed 20%.

  • Mixed Sample Quality Control: A mixed sample will be made by taking a small aliquote from each sample. Before testing actual samples, six consecutive testing of the mixed sample QC will be checked for instrument stability. The CV value from the mixed sample QC sample shall not exceed 15%. During LC-MS detection process, MetwareBio will insert 1 mixed sample QC sample for every 10 experimental samples as a way to monitor process stability



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