MetwareBio Launches Proteomics Services



MetwareBio is excited to announce we're now offering comprehensive proteomics services, designed to empower researchers like you to gain deeper insights into the intricate world of proteins. To celebrate the launch of our proteomics services, we are having a special pilot study offer for first-time users! Order 6 samples or more and get 2 tested for free. This limited-time offer provides an excellent opportunity to experience the power of our proteomics services firsthand.


The Promotion applys to the following services:

  • DIA Quantitative Proteomics:This technology enables high-throughput, high-accuracy quantification of thousands of proteins, making it an ideal tool for studying changes in protein expression profiles.
  • DDA Quantitative Proteomics:This technology provides detailed identification and quantification of proteins, making it an ideal tool for studying protein interactions.
  • Serum/Plasma Quantitative Proteomics:This technology allows for the quantification of proteins in serum or plasma, making it an ideal tool for researching disease diagnosis and treatment.
  • Phosphoproteomics:This technology enables quantitative analysis of protein phosphorylation modifications, making it an ideal tool for studying cell signaling and regulation.


What is Proteomics?

Proteins are the workhorses of our cells, performing a myriad of essential functions that underpin life itself. From catalyzing biochemical reactions to providing structural support, proteins are the molecular machinery that drives cellular processes. Proteomics delves into the intricate world of proteins, providing researchers with a powerful tool to:

  • Identify and characterize proteins: Uncover the unique proteins present in a sample, determining their structure, function, and modifications.
  • Quantify protein abundance: Measure the levels of proteins in different conditions or cell types, revealing how protein expression changes under various circumstances.
  • Study protein interactions: Unravel the intricate networks of protein interactions that orchestrate cellular processes.
  • Investigate protein post-translational modifications: Explore the chemical modifications that proteins undergo, which can dramatically alter their function and activity.


Why Choose MetwareBio Proteomics Services:

· Experienced Team: Our team has extensive experience in proteomics research and can provide you with expert service and support.

· Advanced Technology: We utilize the latest instrumentation and equipment to provide you with high-precision, high-throughput proteomics analysis.

· High-Quality Data: We deliver detailed data analysis and reporting to help you better understand your research results.


MetwareBio Proteomics Services Can Help You:

· Discover new biomarkers

· Study changes in protein expression profiles

· Investigate protein interactions

· Research protein post-translational modifications

· Elucidate cell signaling and regulation


Contact MetwareBio Today for a Demo Report!

MetwareBio offers advanced and comprehensive proteomics services, providing everything from sample processing and protein detection to in-depth data analysis and the delivery of high-quality analytical reports. Our data analysis reports encompass various functional annotations and enrichment analyses for differentially expressed proteins, along with protein interaction network and WPCNA (Weighted Protein Co-expression Network Analysis). The reports cover up to 26 analytical procedures and include 39 graphical representations. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and our extensive expertise, MetwareBio ensures precise and thorough insights into proteomics, empowering your research with actionable data. Contact us today for a demo report!

Offer terms:

For biomedical samples, a minimum of twelve samples per work order is required, and for plant samples, a minimum of six samples per work order is needed. To qualify for this offer, work orders or quotes must be signed within the promotional period, spanning from May 27th to July 31st , 2024. This offer cannot be combined with other promotions, discounts, or offers. Samples must be submitted within 6 months from quote signing, and additional conditions apply— contacting us for details. Metware Biotechnology, the leading metabolomics and proteomics company, reserves the right for final interpretation.


Please submit a detailed description of your project. We will provide you with a customized project plan metabolomics services to meet your research requests. You can also send emails directly to support-global@metwarebio.com for inquiries.
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