Widely-targeted Metabolomics Database in Rice

MWDB Major Upgrade: 20,000 plant metabolites  


MWDB (Metware Database) can now detect 20000 types of plant metabolites 

Since 2014, Metware Biotechnology has been pushing the boundaries of metabolite detection. Our featured product Widely-Targeted Metabolomics for Plants has been undergoing a major upgrade this year where our identifiable plant endogenous metabolites rose to 20,000, a doubling from our previous plant metabolite database of 10,000! 


Metwarebio Types of Metalites


Average identified metabolites: 1,300 metabolites detected in real samples


Applying this database to the detection of different species or tissue types, the average number of substances detected in a sample can be as much as 1300. Below, we present real outputs using Oryza sativa samples. 


Unvealing the data: 


The graph below shows different tissues types from O. sativa averages to 1300 identified metabolites.


Detection And Quantification Of Different Tissues In Rice

Detection and quantification of different tissues in rice


Next, let's look at how many primary and secondary metabolites we can identify separately. 


Detecting And Quantifying The Primary And Secondary Metabolites Of Different Tissues In Rice

Detecting and quantifying the primary and secondary metabolites of different tissues in rice


The data reveals that we can detect over 800 secondary metabolites and over 400 primary metabolites. Our observations here is in concordance with published literature where primary metabolites in plants are relatively conserved ranging around 1000 types, whereas secondary metabolites vary greatly between species and can range from 0.2 ~ 1 million. This is a significant improvement in identifying secondary metabolites in plants. 


Analysis of detected metabolites: wide-coverage 


Analyzing the metabolites in various tissues, we find that flavonoids and phenolic acids stands out whereas other metabolites show large differences between tissue types. Due to these differences, it is best to cover all types of metabolites in a metabolomics study. 


Analysis Of Detected Metabolites Wide Coverage


Comprehensive analysis in final report: 12 analyses and 22 figures


In addition to the upgrading of the database, we also updated our analysis reports to include 12 analyses and 22 figures. 


Scatter Diagram Of Differential Metabolites

Widely Targeted Metabolomics Database



Publications: Rice metabolomics papers from our clients


Rice Metabolomics Papers From Our Clients




1. A multi-omic study uncovers a bZIP23-PER1A–mediated detoxification pathway to enhance seed vigor in rice.

2. Rice metabolic regulatory network spanning its entire life cycle.

3. A molecular switch in sulfur metabolism to reduce arsenic and enrich selenium in rice grain.

4. Loss function of SL (Sekiguchi lesion) in the rice cultivar Minghui 86 leads to enhanced resistance to (hemi)biotrophic pathogens.

5. Transcriptomic and Metabolomic Responses of Rice Plants to Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Caterpillar Infestation.

6. Dynamic transcriptome and metabolome analyses of two types of rice during the seed germination and young seedling growth stages.

7. Analysis of Global Methylome and Gene Expression during Carbon Reserve Mobilization in Stems under Soil Drying.

8. UDP-glucosyltransferase regulates grain size and abiotic stress tolerance associated with metabolic flux redirection in rice.



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