Metabolomic Analyses: Comparison of PCA, PLS-DA and OPLS-DA

Apr 24, 2024
This article meticulously elucidates the nuances of PCA, PLS-DA, and OPLS-DA analyses.

Improved bile acid profiles of diabetic nephropathy

Apr 24, 2024
MetwareBio's bile acid metabolomics aided in studying how QiDiTangShen medicine improves diabetic nephropathy via the gut microbiota-bile acid axis.

Join the Coffee Metabolomics Workshop at PAG31

Apr 24, 2024
Don't miss your chance to chat with MetwareBio's team at booth #612. Uncover the power of metabolomics for your research before the session ends!

Plant Drought Stress Transcriptome and Metabolome

Apr 24, 2024
Explore how plants talk to each other, coordinating their response to drought at the genetic and metabolic level. Unravel the intricate dance between hormones like ABA and brassinosteroids, revealing how they work together to keep plants thriving in dry times.

High-Temperature Stress Transcriptome and Metabolome

Apr 24, 2024
MetwareBio's assay service aids soybean breeding for high-temperature resistance through Metabolomics + Transcriptomics.

A Multifaceted Exploration of Plant-Microbe Interactions

Apr 24, 2024
Explore the microbial types and the role of metabolites in shaping plant-microbe interactions.

Recent publication with MetwareBio's services

Apr 24, 2024
2023 saw us collaborating with over 300 global research teams, contributing crucial insights to published findings in diverse areas like colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, and sustainable plant breeding.

Post-PAG31 Metabolomics Insights

Apr 24, 2024
Thank you for connecting at PAG31! We enjoyed engaging with both valued collaborators and new faces passionate about MetwareBio's innovations.

Cholic Acid

Apr 24, 2024
Cholic acid, a crucial bile acid, features a steroid backbone with a hydroxyl group at the 3-position, a carboxyl group at the 24-position, and a side chain at the 17-position [1]. It is synthesized i...

Analyzing Specific Research Ideas on Environmental Exposure Metabolome

Apr 24, 2024
This continuation delves deeper into specific research concepts associated with environmental exposure. We present three instances of multi-omics studies on environmental exposure, focusing on metabolomic investigations.


Apr 24, 2024
Glycine is the simplest amino acid and plays pivotal roles in various biochemical processes within living organisms. Glycine is precursor for a variety of important metabolites such as glutathione, porphyrins, purines, haem, and creatine. Glycine acts as neurotransmitter in central nervous system and it has many roles such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cryoprotective, and immunomodulatory in peripheral and nervous tissues.

Multi-Omics Research in Fish Nutrition

Apr 24, 2024
Understanding the Impact of Intestinal Microbiota on Fish GrowthThe role of intestinal microbiota and their metabolites in governing the health and growth of hosts, especially in fish, remains a subje...

SCFA is a crucial bridge for the intestinal microbiota to exert its significant impact

Apr 24, 2024
What are SCFAs? Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), also known as volatile fatty acids (VFAs), are typically organic fatty acids with 1-6 carbon atoms. The main SCFAs include acetic acid, propionic acid, ...


Apr 24, 2024
Leucine, classified as an essential amino acid, is a cornerstone of protein synthesis and metabolic regulation in the human body. The discovery of leucine occurred in 1819 when French chemist Étienne...

Exploring the Deep Connection Between Lung Cancer and Fatty Acid Metabolism

Apr 24, 2024
Through this article, we will explore the roles of fatty acid uptake, synthesis, storage, and oxidation in lung cancer, and how they influence tumor growth and spread, with the ultimate goal of providing more precise and effective treatment options for patients.

Unraveling Cancer with Cutting-Edge Omics: MetwareBio at AACR 2024

Apr 24, 2024
Visit MetwareBio's booth #4245! Unlocking thrilling insights in proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics, and multi-omics joint analysis for your cancer research.

Lactic acid: Key Roles in Human Metabolism, Diseases, and Health Implications

Apr 24, 2024
Lactic acid, more than just a byproduct of exercise, plays a critical role in various bodily functions and diseases. Explore its production, metabolism, and impact on human health.

Unveiling Ornithine: Beyond the Urea Cycle, A Multifaceted Player in Health

Apr 24, 2024
Ornithine, more than just a urea cycle intermediate, plays critical roles in metabolism, muscle health, and potentially sleep. Discover its functions, biosynthesis, and impact on human health.

Pyruvic Acid: A Key Player in Cellular Metabolism and Health

Apr 24, 2024
Pyruvic acid is a fundamental molecule in metabolism, linked to energy production, biosynthesis, and cellular health. Explore its structure, functions, and potential roles in diseases like cancer and diabetes.

Exploring Energy Metabolism: The Role of Targeted Metabolomics in Cancer Research

Apr 24, 2024
In the realm of cancer research, understanding the intricate dynamics of energy metabolism has become increasingly crucial. Energy metabolism, the process by which cells obtain and utilize energy, pla...
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