Nature Reviews: Plant Hormone Regulation in Abiotic stresss Responses

Apr 24, 2024
Abiotic stress, such as drought, salt, heat, cold, and flooding, exert profound effects on plant growth and survival. To adapt and survive, plants have developed intricate sensing, signaling, and stre...

Flavonoids Metabolomics in Arabidopsis Research

Apr 24, 2024
In our previous blog, we offered an introductory exploration of flavonoid classification, synthesis pathways, and their functional roles. However, it's essential to recognize that the functions of...

Transcriptomics + Metabolomics in Color Research

Apr 24, 2024
Horticultural plants, encompassing fruits, vegetables, and flowers, exhibit a diverse range of color and quality traits, making these traits and their biochemical foundation a prominent research focus...

Food Storage Metabolomics

Apr 24, 2024
Unraveling Food Spoilage Challenges: Insights from Metabolomics in Frozen Vegetables Storage.

Metabolomics Batch Effects

Apr 24, 2024
This article provides an insightful overview of batch effects in metabolomics research, exploring what they are, how to minimize them, and the methods available for batch correction. Understanding and...

Widely-targeted Metabolomics Database in Rice

Apr 24, 2024
MWDB Major Upgrade: 20,000 plant metabolites MWDB (Metware Database) can now detect 20000 types of plant metabolites Since 2014, Metware Biotechnology has been pushing the boundaries of metabolite de...

Metabolomics supported osteonecrosis research

Apr 24, 2024
An open access publication highlights an importance of metabolomics and lipidomics profiling in the biomarkers' discovery, and the improvement of diagnostics and treatment of osteonecrosis

Fatty acids: its classification, synthesis pathways and related diseases

Apr 24, 2024
Fatty acids (FAs) are a group of compounds composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. FAs exist widely in organisms and plays a very important role in life processes. It is important to undestand the basis of their classification, biosynthesis, and their association with human diseases.

Multiomics Identifies Key Regulators in Cabbage Nutrients

Apr 24, 2024
We would like to highlight a recent publication discussing the results of combined use of metabolomics and transcriptomics to explain nutritional differences between two types of Chinese cabbage. The ...

Gut microbiota and metabolomics in type 1 diabetes research

Apr 24, 2024
Gut microbial functional and metabolic alterations in children with new-onset of type 1 diabetes (T1D) is profiled in an open access paper in Nature Communications. This work is an excellent example o...

Metabolomics and proteomics: insight into the disease

Apr 24, 2024
The importance of understanding the mechanism of disease cannot be underestimated, and looking into the mechanism from different research angles is always beneficial. We want to bring to your attentio...

Targeted Metabolomics: Plant Hormone Detection

Apr 24, 2024
Metabolome refers to the collection of all small molecule metabolites (primarily endogenous small molecules with a relative molecular weight of less than 1000) in cells, tissues, organs, or organisms....

Characteristics and Differences Between Targeted and Untargeted Metabolomics

Apr 24, 2024
Metabolomics is a research tool that comprehensively analyzes biological responses of organisms to internal (genetic) or external (diet, environment, etc.) stimuli. Metabolomics can be divided into ta...

Disease Diagnosis and Medical Application of Metabolomics

Apr 24, 2024
Metabolomics is a newly developed discipline following genomics and proteomics and is an important component of systems biology. It has rapidly developed and penetrated into various fields such as dis...

Applications of Untargeted Metabolomics

Apr 24, 2024
Non-targeted metabolomics is a research method that involves systematic and comprehensive analysis of the entire metabolome to obtain large amounts of metabolite data, and subsequently identify differ...

The Types of Lipid Molecules in Lipidomics

Apr 24, 2024
Lipids are an important class of biomolecules in the organism, with a wide variety of properties such as insoluble in water and soluble in non-polar organic solvents. Lipids are involved in regulating...

What is the Metabolomics?

Apr 24, 2024
The concept of metabolomics comes from the metabolome, which refers to all low-molecular-weight metabolites produced by a particular organism or cell during a specific physiological period. Metabolomi...

Lipidomics: A Fresh Perspective on Life

Apr 24, 2024
About 70% of the metabolites in plasma are lipids, and lipid metabolism is the first category of metabolism in animals and plants. With the extensive application of mass spectrometry, the development ...

Classification, Function and Mechanism of Action of Phytohormone

Apr 24, 2024
Phytohormones, also known as plant hormones, are intrinsic chemical compounds within plants that regulate a myriad of physiological processes, acting as pivotal signaling molecules governing growth, development, and responses to environmental cues.

Getting Specific How Targeted Metabolomics Analysis Revolutionizes Metabolite Research

Apr 24, 2024
Metabolomics, the study of metabolites in biological systems, has emerged as a powerful tool in understanding cellular metabolism and its implications in various health conditions. Among the different...
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